Maintain a Perfectly Packed and Level Surface

Rely on us for gravel driveway repair in Dover & Barrington, NH and York & Eliot, ME

Like the rest of your property, your gravel driveway requires routine maintenance to stay functional and appealing. Over time, it can collect potholes due to normal wear and tear. You can rely on Northern Home & Excavation, LLC when you need driveway repair services in Dover & Barrington, NH and York & Eliot, ME.

Our crowning and grading services will restore the look of your driveway and allow proper water-shedding to prevent future potholes or ruts. When you work with us for gravel driveway repair services, we will:

  • Fix all potholes and ruts in your driveway
  • Add materials to recrown and grade your driveway
  • Use geo-fabric to fix high traffic areas on your driveway

You can count on our professional team to make your driveway look good as new. To learn more about our driveway repair and grading services in Dover & Barrington, NH and York & Eliot, ME, call 207-517-0800 today.

Why choose a gravel driveway?

Gravel is an increasingly popular option for residential driveways. Many homeowners choose to install gravel driveways because:

  • They're highly affordable
  • They work well in various climates
  • They're easy to install and maintain
  • They have a long lifespan

Trust us to maintain the longevity of your gravel driveway. You can schedule driveway repair services by contacting us now.