Culverts Can Protect Roads and Trails From Water Damage

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Made from pipe or reinforced concrete, culverts allow water to flow under roads, railroads and trails to reduce the risk of flooding. They're embedded into the soil and often used as both cross-drains and bridges to allow for traffic to cross over waterways. Northern Home & Excavation, LLC is an excavation company in Dover & Barrington, NH and York & Eliot, ME and surrounding areas. We have the knowledge and experience to properly install culverts that last for decades.

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A comprehensive installation has many steps

While every culvert installation is different because of land grading and soil, our excavators follow a streamlined process to make sure the job is done right. Our excavation contractor will:

  • Check the alignment in relation to the plans as well as actual site conditions
  • Make sure that the pipe is the right length
  • Excavate the area to the correct specifications of the job
  • Correctly preparing, not taking shortcuts, and correctly preparing the site of the culvert pipe
  • Unload, handle and store the pipe correctly
  • Connect bands and hardware
  • Add a suitable backfill material as required in the plans
  • Maintain the proper backfill width
  • Correctly compact the backfill material every 5-8 inches
  • Install the necessary end treatment to protect the pipe
  • Protect the structure from heavy construction equipment loads
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