French Drain Installation

Don't Let Water Flood Your Home or Yard

Get a French drain installation in Dover, NH and surrounding areas

Water is a vital resource for your plants, but too much of it can damage your home and yard. Fortunately, you can move water away from problem areas with a French drain installation in Dover, NH.

A French drain - or, footing drain - uses a gentle slope or pipe to move water automatically. An excavation contractor from Northern Home & Excavation, LLC can dig a drain into your yard to move water from places where it will cause damage to areas where it can provide benefits. You can move water to a dry well, rain garden or off of your property entirely.

Our owner has been working in home construction since he was a teenager and knows how to handle your project. Schedule a French drain installation today by calling us.

How our process works

Excavating your yard might sound like an intimidating process. The Northern Home & Excavation team in Dover, NH has the lighter equipment and expertise to get the job done right without tearing up your yard. We will...

  1. Examine your yard to identify problem areas
  2. Dana at Northern Home & Excavation, LLC will develop an effective drainage plan and give you a free estimate
  3. Dig trenches and lay down all the necessary piping
  4. Cover your drain with crushed stone or soil to make it look as good as new

You can rely on our experienced team to install a French drain properly. Find out more today by calling us at 207-517-0800.