Create More Parking Space for Your Guests

Get a free driveway extension quote in Dover & Barrington, NH and York & Eliot, ME

Your driveway gives you easy access to your home. It's also great when you have guests over, so they don't have to leave their cars on the street. When your driveway isn't meeting your needs, turn to Northern Home & Excavation, LLC in Dover & Barrington, NH and York & Eliot, ME. We can extend your driveway to widen or lengthen it however you want. Our team can even redesign your entire driveway, depending on your needs. To go over your driveway extension with a pro, call 207-517-0800 now.

Does your driveway look dull and dingy?

Instead of making excuses for your cracked and outdated driveway, arrange for a driveway replacement. We can tear up the existing concrete and either replace your driveway or expand it to better meet your needs. We'll move the dirt around to create a flat or sloping space that's ready for new concrete.

Our lead contractor will go over your driveway replacement options with you so you can make an informed decision. Learn more about our driveway extension and replacement services in Dover & Barrington, NH and York & Eliot, ME by contacting us today.