Prep Your Land to Build a Patio

Get excavating and grading services in the Dover & Barrington, NH & York, ME area

Do you want to build a patio without breaking the bank? Hire Northern Home & Excavation, LLC to prepare your land for a DIY build.

Having level and solid ground to build on is step #1 for any construction project. Make sure that your site can support a new patio by calling on our experts for excavating and grading services in Dover & Barrington, NH & York, ME.

Contact us today at 207-517-0800 for more information about our DIY patio prep package.

What does a DIY patio prep package include?

We'll make our land ready for patio construction. Our DIY patio prep package includes...

  • Excavating for your patio to a depth of from 12" to 18"
  • Filling and grading the subbase with ¾" crushed stone
  • Filling and grading the base with concrete washed sand
  • Marking out for drainage and runoff control
Give the perfect foundation for carrying out your DIY patio project anywhere within 40 miles of Dover, NH. Arrange for excavating and grading services with our DIY patio prep package in Dover, NH & York, ME.