Build Your Garage on Sturdy Ground

Hire us to install a top-quality garage foundation in Dover, NH

Before you build a new home addition or garage, you'll first need to hire someone to handle the foundation work. Northern Home & Excavation, LLC is a top choice for residents of Dover, NH and surrounding areas. We've been installing home addition and garage foundations for years, and we're known for our top-quality workmanship.

We'll begin by digging a foundation hole and backfilling where necessary, making sure to allow for proper drainage. Schedule home addition foundation services today to let our pros handle the dirty work.

Why are foundations so important?

You can't afford to cut corners with your garage or home addition foundation, which is why you should hire Northern Home & Excavation. We can:

  • Guarantee the longevity of your new addition
  • Make sure water drains safely away from your garage
  • Prevent potential issues with foundation cracks or damage

So, what are you waiting for? Call today to schedule your addition or garage foundation installation.