Paver Prep Package

Upgrade Your Exterior With Pavers

Offering paver installation services in Dover, NH

Pavers can add an eye-catching feature to your property. Northern Home & Excavation, LLC in Dover, NH can prepare your land before you install pavers. By digging out dirt, you can make room for the sand you need to help hold your pavers in place. A contractor will walk you through our paver prep and installation process so you won't have to deal with any surprises. Reach out to us right now to schedule a paver installation.

What to expect

We follow a straightforward paver prep and installation process. For your project, we'll:

  • Dig up 18 inches of dirt
  • Fill, Grade out, and Compact the area with crushed stone
  • Pour two inches of washed sand on top of the stone
  • Pack down the sand to create a level surface
  • Install the pavers however you want
We can also rent out some of our equipment if you wanted to handle your paver installation yourself. Upgrade the look of your landscape by scheduling a paver installation today.

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